Life is filled with change that changes lives forever


Our clients are families, women, men, youth and children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds who are facing serious life problems that impact their safety, stability, health and well-being.


If you think you have a problem, please call us. We will welcome you without judgment and offer whatever help we can, through our direct services and/or link you to other valuable resources in the community.


Through our direct services, we help approximately 5,000 people in need every year. These are families, individuals and youth who turn to us when their life circumstances are truly dire and often desperate.  Read their stories on the right to see how some of their calls  to us made a difference.

Life is filled with change that changes lives forever.


Elena, 36-year-old mother of three

After leaving an abusive 20-year marriage with her two adolescent sons and teenage daughter, Elena reached out to the 1736 Family Crisis Center.



Zack, 17-year-old four-time runaway

Zack arrived at a 1736 Family Crisis Center emergency youth shelter in desperate need of help to turn his life around. In previous years, fights at home and school propelled him to run away four separate times. One of those times, he lived on the streets for a month.



Joey, 5-year-old boy with an abusive father

A 26 year old female came to the 1736 Family Crisis Centerís Domestic Violence Shelter with her two boys, who were 5 and 2 years old. Both boys had witnessed terrible episodes of their mother being hit, punched, and eventually stabbed in the arm by their father. Once at the shelter, the 5 year old boy (Joey) began exhibiting sporadic severe temper tantrums and trouble adjusting to the shelter.



Laticia, 26-year-old single mother with financial hardships

Laticia is a single mother of a lovely four-year-old daughter, Alice. Laticia fell on hard times with a child to parent and feed and no job. She approached us to explore her options and said she needed help with parenting, mental health services and wanted to become computer literate.



Jim, 38-year-old father with a drug- addict wife

Jim was a hardworking father of a beautiful young boy and husband for 12 years to a wife with drug problems. For years, he kept his wife’s emotional and physical abusive actions a secret. He was too ashamed and embarrassed for himself and his son to do or say anything about it.